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The Texas Accessibility Standards requires that: 

 A minimum number of accessible parking spaces must be provided, consistent with the chart below. At least one out of every eight spaces, but no less than one, must be made van-accessible.

 Accessible parking spaces must be located on the shortest accessible route of travel to an accessible entrance. If there are multiple accessible entrances, the accessible parking spaces shall be dispersed and located closest to the accessible entrances.

 Parallel parking is discouraged unless it can be situated so that persons entering and exiting vehicles will be out of the flow of traffic.

 Accessible parking spaces must be at least 96 inches (2440 millimeters) wide.

 Each accessible parking space must have either an access aisle at least 60 inches (1525 millimeters) wide or a van-accessible aisle at least 96 inches (2440 millimeters) wide.

 Parking spaces and access aisles must be level, with a maximum allowable slope of 2% in all directions.

 Each accessible parking space shall be designated as a reserved space with a sign showing the symbol of accessibility. Designated van-accessible parking spaces must have an additional "Van-Accessible" sign mounted below the symbol of accessibility.

 Signs shall be located 60 Inches (1525 millimeters) above the ground.

 Covered parking must provide a minimum vertical clearance of 114 inches (2895 millimeters) at entrances, exits, passenger loading zones, and along at least one vehicle access route.

 Covered parking must provide a minimum vertical clearance of 98 inches (2490 millimeters) at all van-accessible spaces.

 Passenger loading zones shall provide an access aisle at least 60 inches (1525 millimeters) wide and 240 inches (6100 millimeters) long parallel to the vehicle pull-up space.

 Two parking spaces may share the same access aisle. your paragraph here.

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House Bill 3095 simplifies enforcement and increases the fines for illegally parking in handicapped parking spaces from $250 minimum to $500 maximum, to a minimum of $500 and a maximum of $750. With each offense the fines increase and community service is added.

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